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Colors, Accessories, Layers..

I personally love colors in photographs. It makes you, the subject, stand out and become the emphasis. Some couples represent their personality more with muted outfits, that's ok too. Then try to jazz it up with some accessories.

Accessories... YES!! They should not overwhelm the outfit or photograph but rather complement them. { hats, Scarves, jewelry, flowers in your hair, hippie headband, jackets, vest, tights, ties, and did I say HATS... } One benefit of utilizing accessories is that it can give you multiple looks without changing your whole wardrobe but rather altering the outfit. Accessories also give you something to interact with; running with your scarf behind you, pulling your love one's jacket in for a kiss, a tip of the hat...


Layers can add new dimension and depth to a photograph. Different clothing material can help create this look { satin, lace, ruffles, knit, sweater, fringe.. } Layer's help create the attention on the subject. Wear some leg warmers under your boots or throw on a shall over that cocktail dress for us to play with. 

FLOW. I always like flowy items! These are nice to play around with during photos because I always love adding movement. Such as flowy long dresses, curled hair, shall, and scarves.



Matching Each Other

You can match by wearing the same colors. Not the same color shirts, that is overly matchy, but for example, He wears an orange shirt & she wears an orange hat or scarf. Also, wear colors that compliment each other. If she has on a flowy dark green dress, he could wear tan khakis and a light blue shirt.


Also correlate the over-all style of the outfit. If she is wearing a dress try to dress him up a little with a button down or something nicer. She is wearing ripped jeans, he dressed down a tad with a V-neck tee.



Matching your Location

Always associate your outfit with your location. If you are shooting in a field of bright yellow mustard flowers, wear a yellow headband or yellow scarf. A summer dress might look beautiful walking through a forest but unfitting in an urban setting next to a wall of graffiti. Always keep in mind the colors of your surroundings. If you are next to a green wall, wear clothing to offset but accessories to complement; some green high socks. This is the spot where I hop in to help out the most



What to Avoid
There will always be shots that show your shoes. Try to avoid sneakers with logos or colors that do not match the outfit. Sneakers work great if they are purposeful and you want attention brought to them. Such as red sneakers or spunky converse }

Patterns/floral patterns usually clash with the background. Use carefully.

Avoid logos or anything else that would distract or "date" a photograph. Eyes go right to the logo on your T-shirt. Unless it is more purposeful like a band Tee, that's cool.

NEON. Neon reflects light back on to your face.


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