Brittany Geise

I love life. That's why I have such a passion for photography. This is when my creativity really comes out. A photo is a moment of life as a way to remember the journey. My style is very creative, natural, fun, artsy, & colorful. I appreciate beauty. I love to capture the unexpected moments and the natural smiles. The great outdoors is where my studio lays. I use the world as my backdrop. There is always somewhere new to explore things to learn. I'm a student of the camera. My business grows as much as I grow as a person. I knew I wanted to do something creative with my life. I'm not in this as a job, it's because I love to do it as much as others love to feel beautiful. So let me capture your personality.


Katilee Zentner

A moment slips away in a blink of an eye, so its my job, natural instinct, & passion to make sure those moments are not missed. Every person needs reflection & I feel one of the best ways is to open your eyes to a picture & go back into that moment and feel it. My accomplishments are marked by the complete feeling you get when Brittany Geise releases her photos to you , knowing that we all made a great successful memory in time.

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